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February 9, 2007
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Star brushes by Moondustdreams Star brushes by Moondustdreams
Updated 4/15/10 Thanks for all the comments and everything. I appreciate you all for crediting me and showing me your work.In time i will respond to all of them and im planning to feature the ones that catches my eye. Might even save up my points from Llamas and give the winners some points. Again thanks for showing me, and im gonna fav them all, so make sure you comment with your link so i can fav it. You could get a feature !! Ill keep you posted...
new brush pack!![link]

For Photoshop 7.0 and Over
note:This is a small pack but still can be of use!

Star brushes
and A textured background

(Sorry if its too light,just use a white background and brush the background on*use black or dark blue*
If its still to light,just duplicate layer and add a layer effect...
for best results use the burn tool!


1.Credit Me
2.Please comment here to post your work if you use my brushes for your art.Id love to see it.
3.Prints are okay as long you link and credit for the brushes.
4.It can go outside the site, as long you credit/link. so more people can use this brush pack.

thank you for everything

For those of you who dont know how to install brushes ;)

1.You download a brush set and save to any folder you'd like the zip file to be in.
2.You unzip the zip file. I like using winzip.
3.Open the Adobe Photoshop file in your Program files(or where you've installed Photoshop 7), go into Presets and then Brushes. Cut and paste the brush (.abr) file into that folder or the Adobe Photoshop Only folder, it doesn't make any difference though.
4.Open Photoshop itself, go to the brushes tab(in my version it's at the top right), click on the little arrow pointing to the right and then choose 'Load brushes' from the list. This opens a window in which you can choose the brush file so it loads into Photoshop. Click OK and you're done :)
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PixieSword Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Used them here
Thank you! :)
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I used your stock here…
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These were really sweet.
Used it here:
You have been credited in the description.
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